Client Benefits

Virtual Factory

No middle men, no location limitations, no waste, no capacity limits.

One company handling production of all client needs. Our capacity is more extensive and inclusive than any single supplier or factory offers. Our concept also means that our production isn’t limited in capacity or location. We are fast to react in problem situations without extra costs to the client.

Competitive Price

We ensure the best possible market price for the customer.

Polaris is efficient and our foremost aim is to secure the competitiveness of our customers. It’s a win-win situation. Even with fair pricing, everything we produce is high quality with ensured traceability and backup.

High volume advantage

in both production and logistics.

Our global production volume and geographic reach makes combined acquisitions possible and benefit also smaller customers in creating new product lines.

One Supplier

What if you could get everything you need from one source?

Our capacity is more extensive and inclusive than any single supplier or factory offers. Our clients save in supplier base maintenance. One supplier with backup and extensive production means less work for the client without compromising security.

Global Logistics

Logistics is a cornerstone of our business. We handle and combine volumes for greater cost-efficiency.

We handle a vast logistics network of containers, trucks and air shipments around the world. From small deliveries to big deliveries we make it happen. It’s a turnkey solution directly to the end customer.

Leading know-how and network

Our expertise and network at your service.

Polaris’s team of professionals lay our knowhow at our partner’s disposal and combined with the production network we help raise our clients to new levels.

Friendly and Professional

We take pride in good customer service.

Our team is always ready to help you with a smile. Efficiency and teamwork are cornerstones in all our work. Ease of cooperation leads to better results.

Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing