Brass Electrical Parts

At Polaris International We offer wide range of brass electrical components such as Brass Cable Gland, Brass Terminal Block, Brass Neutral Link, Brass Electrical Pin, Brass Switch Gear Partsand Brass Spacers. With an objective of serving and adding value to electrical industries with our machining abilities and modern technology at our disposal we manufacture these parts in high quality and at very competitive price.Our range of electrical brass products is huge.

Overall Details of Brass Electrical Components:


      Free cutting Brass, Copper, and Aluminium.


      DIN, JIS, EN, ISO, ASTM & Other International Standards.


      Smooth surface, longer shelf life, rust proof, corrosion & abrasion resistance, with accurate dimensions and unrivalled quality.


      Electrical Industries, Automobile Industries, Telecommunication Industries, Aerospace Industries, Plastic Industries, and many other.