Brass Temperature Sensor Parts

Backed with group of experience professionals we have quest of serving sensors industries with our machining abilities. We at Polaris International are OEM supplier of leading temperature, pressure and Level instruments companies across globe. We manufacture and supply high quality sensor and switch parts such as sensor housings, Thermo wells, gauge connectors and many such precision machined metal components used in sensor industries and especially temperature sensors companies.

Overall details of our sensor parts:


      Leaded Brass, Lead Free Brass, Stainless Steel, etc.


      DIN, JIS, EN, ISO, ASTM & Other International Standards.


      Easy Installation, High Tensile Strength, Corrosion resistant, Sturdiness, Space Friendly, Less Weight, Precession Machined and Dimensionally accurate, Flawless Finish, Interchangeability and assembly friendly.


      Instrumentation Control, Automotive, Aerospace, medical Instrument, HVAC, etc.