Customize Parts

At Polaris International We supply and manufacture wide range of Brass Parts in widely accepted global standards specification and sizes which are assembly and application friendly and ready to use. However we firmly believe that your company might need customised precision machining solution as per your requirements and use. Innovative design of your products might need superior quality and customised machined components. We with our machining expertise and capabilities are always ready to give customised and innovative machining solutions to your company. Our Experienced Engineering team at Polaris believe in adding value to precision machining Industry and come up with modern machining solutions. We at Polaris International can give complete precision machining solutions. Our Team design and develops brass components as per your requirements. And if we are given drawings and designs our team execute machining and can provide you final Products of Brass.

Overall details of Customize Parts:


      Leaded Brass, Lead Free Brass, Eco Brass, DZR Brass, Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium.


      DIN, JIS, EN, ISO, ASTM & Other International Standards.


      Smooth surface, longer shelf life, rust proof, corrosion & abrasion resistance and dimensionally accurate with unrivalled quality.


      Electrical Industries, Automobile Industries, Telecommunication Industries, Aerospace Industries, Plastic Industries, Marine Industries and many other.